Lemon Yogurt Cake Helps Brighten the Day

Lemon Yogurt Cake

For most of us it seems as though April 15th, AKA tax day, is approaching too fast. But for my sister, Marci, and other family members it couldn’t come soon enough. Pretty much all of them are CPAs (yes, I’m the culinary rebel of the family) and have been working crazy hours since February.

With long days that don’t allow them any actual sunlight, I doubt my sister and her coworkers are eating anything homemade right now, and they truly seem to appreciate any gesture in that direction: two weeks ago I sent Marci to work with cake balls and she and her coworkers are still raving about them!

So, to help make this last week of tax season a bit easier to swallow, I made them a lemon yogurt cake. This brightly-flavored treat has a moist crumb but is light in texture so as not to bog them down, plus there’s just enough sugar to help them get through the day.

Of course, I had to try one small piece just to make sure it was edible – and trust me it was! Oh, how I hated to part with the rest of that cake, but certainly this was a worthy cause.

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Yogurt Revolution Hits Chicago

Berry Chill

It seems as though the chilled yogurt and smoothie trend has finally hit Chicago. After years of reading about celebrities visiting California-based Pink Berry in the tabloids, Chicago finally has its share of yogurt shops all boasting products with live active cultures.

I stayed away until today, mainly because most of the stores are located downtown and every time I pass one the line is out the door. This afternoon as I was walking home in the sticky humidity I decided to stop at Berry Chill at State and Ontario, the first of at least three planned stores in the area.

The store itself is very sleek with flat-screen TVs along one wall, and a digital menu board that was constantly scrolling. While a cutting-edge display, I found it frustrating to follow as a first-time visitor because the options were changing so quickly that I couldn’t get a good grasp on how and what to order. Luckily, the employee taking my order was patient and tried to be helpful despite the annoyed sighs of the customer behind me. Also, there seemed to be three times as many employees as necessary and most were just standing behind the counter not actually doing anything.

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