Cake Balls Just Keep Flying!

It twas the season of cake balls, and all through the festivities, not another dessert was to be found, not even cupcakes or small candy mounds.

Ahhhh, cake balls, which my sister and I recently dubbed the cupcake of 2011 as it’s become my most requested dessert and recipe. Friends and family are making them like crazy – they’re putting them on sticks and making pretty displays, and experimenting with fun new flavors and recipes.

This season alone they were highlights of Thanksgiving dinner, our Hanukkah celebration, Festivus and even New Years Eve. I blogged a while ago about the method, but thought now was a good time to revisit it along with two of my favorite cake recipes.

Just remember, cake balls are really all about the method so use your favorite cake and have fun being creative with the decorations and presentation!

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