Food TV Drought

I’ve been looking for a replacement foodie show since the Top Chef season officially ended over a week ago. This week I tuned in to Hell’s Kitchen, which I enjoyed but can’t get too attached to as the season is almost over. There’s pretty much nothing worth watching on Food Network anymore – I caught 20 minutes of The Next Food Network Star, and let me tell you it was aweful, a trainwreck aboard a train challenge. A friend told me his experience with Throwdown with Bobby Flay was no better, so there goes that option.

What’s left in food entertainment? Let me know if you have any suggestions for how us food tv junkies can get our fix…

  • jan posted: 29 Jun at 2:59 am

    i like Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America. although it’s not great technique, the amusement value is high.

  • cantone posted: 01 Jul at 10:16 pm

    This friend you speak of sounds very intelligent.

    I have to fully agree with Jan. For some reason, Gordon Ramsey gives me a “culinary boner” (thank you, Top Chef– no I won’t buy the t-shirt). I watch Kitchen Nightmares and also Kitchen Nightmares: Revisited when he goes back and realizes that some restaurants just can’t be saved.

    Next Food Network Star really disappointed me. Like “Hell’s Kitchen” (which I love), I left the show not wanting one of the contestants to cook for me. Hell’s Kitchen, however, is excellent entertainment.

    I hear Ace of Cakes is good, but… that’s not really my thing.

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