Herban Garden: 8th time’s the charm

Potted Herbs

I just can’t seem to give up on the dream of having an Herban Garden, an herb garden in my outdoorless high-rise apartment (see Herban Adventure, Week 4). So, here I am trying it again, this time with plants purchased last week at the Green City Farmer’s Market.

I bought four plants (got a deal of four for $10) and replanted them in four pots I already own. The herbs are: basil, cinnamon basil, flat-leaf parsley and thyme.

Cross your fingers for me – hopefully this time the plants will make it!

 Potting Herbs

  • [...] The past few years I’ve struggled with a growing desire to reconnect more with nature, specifically gardening. I think it comes from a combination of living 200 feet in the sky, increasing awareness of where food comes from, and a desire to save money. Either way, I don’t have much interest in livestock, but I would love a garden of my own to tend to that would provide with me edible payoff. Sadly, that’s just not possible right now – trust me, I’ve tried! [...]

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