Lobster Treat Made New Years Sweet

Lobster dinner

Happy New Year! May 2009 bring healthy, happiness and lots of good food!

I have to give a shout-out to George, the fish guy at my local grocery store. There was a New Years special on whole, live lobsters – $5.99/pound – a steal, especially here in Chicago. I stopped in yesterday afternoon to check out the situation, basically to see if there were going to be any lobsters left today. I didn’t want to buy one yesterday because I knew I wouldn’t be around to eat it, but George was nice enough to offer to set one aside for me if it looked like they were going to run out. Well, they did but I still got a lobster today.

Lobby Lobsterton

It may not sound like much, but bringing home this fresh lobster was a big deal for me. I never do that, ever. Live lobsters can be hard to come by and usually cost upwards of $14/pound. I just couldn’t resist the urge of this sweet New Years treat!

Lobster boiling

I prepared the 1.34 pound lobster simply by cooking it in salted boiling water and dipping the pieces in melted butter with chopped basil. The lobster went very well with an aromatic linguine side dish (garlic sweated in olive oil with peas, truffle oil, and basil). I had hoped for leftovers but ate every last morsel – and I saved the shells for stock.

The sale is rumored to go through the weekend, so hopefully this won’t be my last lobster feast. 2009 is looking good…


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