Obsessive Chocoholic Foodie Seeking Amazing Microwave Chocolate Cake Recipe

It’s no secret I have a sweet tooth and a serious weakness for just about anything chocolate. Okay, not anything. I wouldn’t enjoy chocolate licorice (I HATE all licorice – I think it’s a texture thing) or chocolate-covered olives (I don’t dig olives either), but almost anything else is fair game.

But when it comes right down to it, nothing satisfies my sweet tooth like rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. And I’m not even snobby about it. I really love the chocolate cake from Portillo’s and wouldn’t shy away from a box mix. I’m a bit more particular about the frosting, but let’s face it, today is really all about the cake.

I don’t make cake often. I’m not a baker and don’t really like to have it sitting around because, obviously, I’d eat the whole thing. Throughout the past year I’ve taken to making microwaved versions of individual chocolate cakes in a mug and have tried more recipes than my hips care to recount.

The problem is they’re never quite right: always a little dry or too sweet or not chocolatey enough.

I’m thinking the biggest taste/texture issue is lack of frosting. After all, the purpose of this cake is to quickly make a single serving and that doesn’t include whipping up a buttercream. Plus, I’m trying to keep the calories somewhat in check.

Today I took a different route that I thought would be more successful. Instead of making a batter that contains baking powder and/or baking soda, I scaled back a very simple molten chocolate lava cake recipe. I thought the flowing, ooey, gooey, lava would make up for the lack of frosting. Makes sense, right?

Well, not if there wasn’t any lava. Microwaving the batter resulted in a mostly cooked through cake that was just so-so in taste. Not that it stopped me from eating it, but again, that’s another issue.

The way I see it, I have four options:

  1. Try the lava cake idea again with some tweaks. I wonder if I can microwave the cake in a water bath?
  2. Come up with a fresh idea.
  3. Give up on this ridiculous obsession all together because these sad little microwaved cakes just aren’t cutting it.
  4. Get my expectations in line and accept that the microwave version will never be as good as the real thing.



What do you think?

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