Ten in ’10 Challenge Week 4: Adjustments

It’s been a week of readjustments for my Ten in ’10 challenge, mostly focusing on food and nutrition. I’ve stuck with the Bar Method for exercise and went three times last week, and am still mulling the idea of adding additional days for a cardio workout.

Like I said, I focused on nutrition this week and am lucky to have a friend who’s a registered dietitian, basically someone I can turn to for free advice. This week I discussed my frustrations of not losing any weight with her and she advised that I may not be getting enough calories each day.

I’ve been tracking my calories, fat, protein and fiber using SparkPeople, which has been incredibly convenient as a free website I can access from work or home. I had my goals set up to be fairly rigid, allowing myself between 1200 and 1500 calories a day, the same range I’ve stuck to in the past to lose weight.

The RD thinks that’s too low which is why I’ve never been able to sustain the weight loss long term. Some of that I’m sure has to do with the fact that I stop working out once I hit my goal weight, but I agreed to try it her way and an now aiming for 1500 to 1800 calories a day.

It’s too soon to tell if it’s working but I am sure am hoping it will!

As for nutrition, I began taking Vitamin D3 supplements two weeks ago and recently learned that I’ve been taking too much. It turns out that the ginormous bottle I bought from Costco has 2000 I.U. in each of the 600 softgels or 500% of the recommended daily value.

The purpose of taking Vitamin D is that it helps the body absorb other vitamins and “support bone, colon, muscle, immune and breast health.” But, I don’t really need 500% every day.

As a replacement I bought calcium chews that also contain Vitamin D, but at a more acceptable level (50% per chew). The plan is to eat two chews a day with different meals and hopefully prevent myself from shrinking in my fifties.

Let me know if you need a whole lot of Vitamin D! I’ve got plenty to spare.

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