Welcoming 2010 with the Ten in ’10 Challenge!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun new year’s celebration filled with chocolate, bubbly, and good friends/family/significant others. I rang in 2010 exactly as I’d hoped at a low-key, sweater-themed party with friendly people (I met Dana of Nadarine, she wears the coolest clothes that I could never pull off), a chocolate fountain, free-flowing mulled wine and Champagne, and those loud noise popper-thingys.

New Years day was also wonderful as I treated myself to my annual lobster feast. I splurged and bought two lobsters, which I managed to stretch into three full meals (more on that plus recipes to come later this week).

And now, with the holiday festivities behind me, I’m looking forward to a great 2010 and am kicking it off with the Ten in ’10 Challenge. I talked about why I was participating briefly last week, but to sum it up I’m using this as an opportunity to live a bit healthier with the support of the 253 other people participating. The challenge isn’t necessarily about weight loss, but rather making healthful changes during the first ten weeks of 2010.

I will be posting once every weekend for the next ten weeks about my thoughts and progress. Foodie Reflections isn’t going to turn into a weight-loss blog (just wait until you see the chocolate covered marshmallow recipe that I’ll post soon), this is just going to be one element of the blog that will hold me accountable to follow through with the goals I’ve set for myself.

Speaking of goals, here are mine:

  1. Write down everything I eat! – I’m highly prone to emotional eating and idle snacking. While I generally eat nutritious meals with a lot of vegetables and lean protein, I tend to forget about portion sizes and snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day. I’m using SparkPeople to keep track of what I eat.
  2. Move my ass! – I’m going to be blunt here: I HATE exercising. Especially in the winter where it’s so much more temping to hide under a warm blanket on the couch than face the cold, ice and wind to get myself to a gym. Not to mention I’m the ugliest exerciser ever – my face becomes bright red (think cherry red) and I tend to sweat, a lot. But… the time has come for me to move my ass so I signed up for a months worth of Bar Method classes and intend on going three times a week. I started yesterday and am feeling the effects in every muscle in my body, and plan on going again tomorrow and Thursday after work.
  3. Rely on others for support – The best thing about participating in Ten in ’10 is the community that has been created. By reaching out to other participants through Twitter and even in person (thanks Maris for organizing a Chicago group!) I have people I can go to for support when become unfocused, and plan on supporting them in the same way.
  4. Vitamin D and calcium – While I haven’t been tested, I tend to believe I’m deficient in Vitamin D and calcium due to lack of sun exposure and being lactose intolerant. Even though I hate taking medication, I’m going to begin taking supplements and intend to speak with my nutritionist friend to determine if I’m better off going with a multi-vitamin or individual Vitamin D and calcium supplements.

What are your goals for 2010?


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