Mourning the Loss of My Favorite Measuring Spoon

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I’m at an age where I attend a lot of wedding showers. It’s an unspoken fact that as the brides open gifts, the guests mentally evaluate them: that’s ugly, that’s useless, that’s great, oh so pretty, I want one, I’d never register for that, etc.

Of course, I’ve seen countless items I’ve wanted over the years but only one I actually rushed out and bought: these measuring spoons from Crate & Barrel that my friend Anna (AKA Culinary School Dropout) got at her shower. Mine are/were red.

These measuring spoons are the best. They’re magnetic, allowing the spoons to stay together without one of those annoying rings that you have to pry the spoons off of. And each one has a double spoon, both oval and round for liquid and dry ingredients.

I love(d) them all, especially the 1/4 teaspoon, the smallest in the set. Its oval side fit perfectly in any spice jar, which is why I had it out this evening – to measure the dried thyme in small increments, tasting as I went.

Sadly, it was my favorite feature of these spoons that led to the littlest one’s demise: the magnet. While great for keep the set together, it also had the nasty habit of attaching itself to other metal objects. Such was the case tonight when, unbeknown to me, the 1/4 teaspoon stuck to the side of a metal loaf pan (I was making turkey meatloaf). I found it 30 minutes later when I opened the oven to rotate the pan.

Such a sad sight. The poor little spoon was lying on the metal oven rack, still somewhat attached to the loaf pan. Its poor body was warped, all twisted and partially melted, unrecognizable in some parts.

Tis a sad, sad day as I mourn the loss of my favorite measuring spoon.

Measuring Spoons01

  • Anali posted: 09 Oct at 6:55 pm

    It does look quite sad indeed. But I think it was a spoon life well lived. : )

  • Culinary School Dropout posted: 10 Oct at 6:32 pm

    Oh! This is so depressing! I’m sorry for your loss. Now I’m making a mental note to check all sides of the pans before putting anything into the oven.

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  • Chris posted: 13 Oct at 6:51 pm

    It’s weird how you get attached to certain utensils – I used to have a plastic spoon that I used… until I melted it. And somehow, nothing can replace it. It was the right shape, right weight, the right depth. Oh it was a sad day when I had to throw it out! I, too, am sorry for your loss. :)

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