Affy Tapple Bliss

It all started innocently enough. I ran out of allergy medicine and, after a day spent with a very cloudy head, I stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up my refill. And there they were. The surest sign of fall if there ever was one. More significant than the weather getting cooler, than winter squashes for sale, or even MLB playoffs.

It was the ubiquitous Affy Tapple. In its apple-shaped packaging with yellow label sitting on a display shelf in the entryway, the caramel apple with chopped nuts called my name. I couldn’t resist the pull and next thing you know, I’m purchasing the Affy Tapple with my allergy medicine and Q-tips, in theory for dessert much later this evening. Lets just say it was gone within minutes of entering the apartment.

Part of the reason Affy Tapples mean so much to me is that I once took them for granted. Growing up in the Chicago area, they were simply there every fall (the company is based in Niles, IL). I never doubted their existence or wondered where they came from. Until my first year of college at Indiana University in Bloomington. Granted, it’s really not that far away – a midwest, Big 10 school. But Affy Tapples, the ultimate symbol of the changing season were not to be had. Not only that, the variety available wasn’t even taffy, it was caramel (granted that’s a technicality) or worse, candied apple – ugh. Four years – FOUR – without Affy Tapples. Never again I vowed. And never again will it be.


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