Family Kugeloff ’08

Good kugel is really good – really, really good! Bad kugel is just disappointment. And trust me, not all kugels are created equal. Luckily, my mom makes a kick-ass kugel that is more savory than sweet. Yeah, I know, your mom also makes the best kugel, or your grandmother does, or heck, maybe yours is the best.

This is why I’m proposing a Kugeloff at my family’s Yom Kippur break-the-fast in a few weeks. True, this isn’t exactly my call as I’m not the host, but it seems like good clean fun, not to mention (hopefully) good food so why not?

The only problem: if my mom’s going to make her kick-ass kugel, then what will I make? While I take the next two weeks to create the perfect kugel, I’m hoping you readers will send me your favorite recipes to add to the mix.

Kugel,  a traditional Jewish baked pudding, is complicated with many aspects to consider. First of all, how is it pronounced? Some say KOO-guhl, I say KUH-guhl. Are we talking noodle or potato? Will it serve as a side dish/savory or dessert/sweet? Which leads to the final consideration: raisins or no raisins?


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