“Just Indulge” in Soy Ice Cream

A rare thing happened to me today: I had an ice cream craving. This almost never happens – I’m lactose intolerant and honestly haven’t enjoyed or wanted ice cream through most of my adult life. But I was working in a hot, steamy kitchen today with little ventilation and high levels of humidity outside, and something about that triggered this unusual craving.

The solution: soy ice cream from Just Indulge, a new sweet-treats place at the corner North & Wood in Bucktown/Wicker Park.

Just Indulge is amazing! First of all, the staff is super friendly, helpful and generous with samples of their ice creams and custards. Secondly, they have so many yummy “indulgences.” So far I’ve tried the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, soy espresso Oreo ice cream, and soy mint chocolate chip ice cream – all were delicious (they also offer soy strawberry). And the soy ice cream doesn’t taste like soy – it was rich and wonderfully sweet and the creamy texture punctuated with the small crunching of chocolate chips. It was just so good!

I’ve also been told that the ice creams and custards, which can be served with a variety of toppings, are delectable.

But the best part is that my ice cream-obsessed family and I now have a place to go for dessert that we can all enjoy. In the past, after dinner at a restaurant my mom would often suggest going to a local ice cream parlor (or chain) for dessert rather than ordering off the menu. She could never seem to grasp that there was usually nothing I could eat there. Now we have a place that can make us all happy!


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