Herban Adventure: Week 4

So I think my herb garden has already bit the dust. I was away for most of the last week and, although I tried to water the soil enough before I left (and once in the middle), it seems the herb garden just couldn’t hold up. But I don’t know that I can really blame just this last week on the decline – the garden was beginning to look a little sad before I left.

In the photo you can see how the cilantro, which had grown about 2 inches, pretty much collapsed and died in one of the side openings. I had planted chives and basil in the top, both of which grew well at first. Sadly, just a few lone sprouts of basil remain.

I had planted rosemary and thyme in the separate plastic container. The rosemary never made an appearance although initially the thyme grew well. That too has somehow disappeared.

I haven’t given up hope! I’m desperately trying to save my sad little herb garden with water and sunlight, however I’m worried that won’t be enough. On the bright side, if it does go kaput, it’s still early enough in the spring to start a new garden, but that is definitely a last resort (okay, the last resort is buying herb trimmings at the grocery store, but this would be close).


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