Pretzel Bread: Sweet, Salty, Doughy Goodness

Pretzel Bread

Breads aren’t really my thing, but my brother-in-law has a strange obsession with the pretzel variety. So, to do something nice for him as the sweets I’ve made lately aren’t really his thing, I decided to give this bread a try.

The only problem: it was near impossible to find a recipe. There weren’t any in my cookbooks, although I have to admit I don’t have any books that are strictly bread-focused, and they’re hardly abundant on the Internet. There are probably thousands of pretzel recipes, but I was concerned about using them for the loafs, especially for my first try.  Finally, after many Google searches for both pretzel and bretzel bread/rolls/loafs, I finally found one on a site I’d never before used, Recipe Zarr.

Although I was unsure of the source’s credibility, I went ahead with the recipe anyway and… it was great! The recipe itself was simple to follow and not too time-consuming. And the end-product of sweet, yeast-risen dough with a salty, crunchy crust was delicious. It was doughy but fluffy, a bread you can sink your teeth into that would be a great accompaniment to most meals.

The only hangup is that I’m not sure it would make a good sandwich bread. I’ll have to see how it holds up tomorrow when it’s not quite so fresh and report back.


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