Paris Day 7: Falafel & More

L'As Du Falafel

I skipped breakfast Sunday as I had two big eating events that day and I wanted to be sure to leave room. The first, a stop was L’ As Du Falafel in Marais (transaltion: The Ace), and the second La Petit Cour in St. Germain for dinner.

We had planned all along to visit the Marais district Sunday afternoon for a walking tour by Paris Walks. It was an interesting tour, full of history and scandal – everything you’re looking for in Sunday afternoon entertainment. When the tour ended at 4:30, we hauled back to L’As Du Falafel on rue de Rosiers to wait in the still-long line for our falafels. There was no opportunity to make requests or changes, you got it as it was along with a napkin and fork, and we weren’t disappointed. Yes, my mom stopped at the first trashcan to dispose of the eggplant but otherwise there were no alterations.

For those of you not familiar with falafel, they’re made of deep-fried balls of seasoned chickepeas served in a pita with vegetables and tahini sauce. It’s an interesting mix of temperature and texture, with the warm and crisp falafel contrasting with the cold yet crisp vegetables and soft pita bread. The vegetables in this falafel were cabbage, cucumber, tomato and roasted eggplant, all served in many layers with the falafel and tahini drizzled on top.

L'As Du Falafel Line

We purposely visited this falafel shop because I’d heard it was “the best anywhere” from so many different sources, including the guidebook, hotel staff, other American’s we met in Paris, and finally the Marais walking tour guide. While I’ll agree it was really good, for me it wasn’t the best which still remains a random falafel stand I found in Jerusalem ten years ago (don’t ask what it was called as I can’t remember, I just remember the falafel being so huge it took me all day to eat it and that it was so good I refused to throw any of it away). But still it was worth the walk to Marais and I would put it in the top 5 restaurants we tried in Paris. I’ll definitely return next time I’m in Paris.

Although we weren’t too hungry after that falafel, we kept our dinner reservations at La Petit Cour. This was probably one of the least-liked meals of the trip despite the “cuteness” of the restaurant itself. The restaurant did offer a prix fixe menu but the choices on it were very limited, especially for my mom who is allergic to fish and was so sick of eating beef by this point. She opted for a salad and then gelato at Amorino for dessert.

La Petit Cour

I stuck with the prix fixe menu, ordering the bourride de legumes au parfum de truffle (vegetable pot falvored with truffe) for an appetizer and filet de Saint Pierre poele, mousse d’orange (pan-sauteed John Dory with orange mousse) for a main course. The vegetable pot was delicious with a wide array of fresh vegetables cooked lightly and served with an aromatic but light truffle broth. The fish was just okay being overseasoned but otherwise bland.

La Petit Cour Vegetables La Petit Cour John Dory Entree

The dessert was the best part: creme au chocolat sur un moelleux a la pistache (chocolate cream, soft pistachio cake). The chocolate was like a delicious, creamy, rich mousse pipped over the moist cake. Sadly, I ate it so quickly that I forgot to take a photo.


L’As Du Falafel: 34 rue des Rosiers

La Petit Falafel: 8 rue Mabillon, Paris, 6er


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