Avocado Deviled Eggs

Last Sunday, I spent the day helping my mom prepare for our family’s Passover Seder. She was expecting 30 guests and had been working hard for a week to make all the traditional foods. I was helping by making this delicious Dark Chocolate Torte, always a hit, and a salad (because if I don’t make it, no one will eat anything green), and by keeping her company in the kitchen.

As we worked on our various dishes, one thing remained constant: my mom kept making batches upon batches of hard-boiled eggs. It’s a traditional food that goes on the Seder plate, and my family loves them so she makes dozens extra.

This led to the same discussion we have every year – why can’t I make some of those 60+ hardboiled eggs deviled? And better yet, if I’m making deviled eggs, why not make them with avocado?

As it turns out, there are quite a few reasons why, but unfortunately I didn’t know most of this until it was too late. Two main ingredients in many deviled egg recipes are mayonnaise and mustard, both of which present a bit of a problem. As it turns out, most store-bought mayos are made from soybean oil, a Passover no-no (soybeans are a legume). To get around this hurdle, use Kosher for Passover mayo or make your own from scratch.

The mustard presents a more difficult obstacle, and one I don’t really have a solution to. As I found out on Friday, five days too late, mustard is also a no-no because it comes from mustard seeds, and you can’t have seeds for Passover. Oops.

I know I’m writing this like I didn’t know those things, but that’s because I didn’t. This knowledge came from many calls and texts to friends over the past week. I even tried searching for a Kosher for Passover app for my iPhone and couldn’t find one – come on developers, I’m counting on this for next year!

Despite all the challenges, I did make the deviled eggs and they really were fantastic! A friend had recommended trying an avocado deviled egg, and I figured, why not? It adds more creaminess and fat to the filling that’s already made from of egg yolks and mayonnaise (which is made from more egg yolks and oil). Not to mention, the subtle flavor of the avocado is really rather refreshing, and it was amusing watching my non-adventurous extended family hesitate before trying the green eggs, then dig in and ask for another.

I used this recipe as a guide as I didn’t measure most of the ingredients, but rather adjusted and added by taste. For 18 eggs, I used two avocados, a nice amount of mayo, probably a few teaspoons of Dijon mustard, 1 small onion and 2 small celery stalks. I also added in fresh lemon juice and topped some of the eggs with a pinch of chili powder.

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