Cranberry Frozen Yogurt

Sometimes there are things I just can’t resist buying, even if I have no real need for them. Like those great suede boots that cover my knee. Or an iPad, which even though I haven’t actually bought it yet, I know it’s really just a matter of time before I give in. Or red quinoa even though I have a HUGE bag of the regular stuff from Costco at home. Or a bag of bright ruby red cranberries, even though I’m not making Thanksgiving.

Big or small, these aren’t always the most practical purchases, but they make me happy.

So even though I didn’t need the cranberries for anything particular, I wanted them just for fun. I had been thinking about making David Lebovitz’s frozen yogurt for a long time, and the thought of a cranberry-flavored frozen treat seemed just too fun to pass up. And luckily, I had my office’s pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving lunch potluck coming up. Perfect!

I followed his basic recipe but made changes to take into account that the tart flavor of the cranberries would need extra sweetener (he called for 1 lb fresh strawberries and 2/3 cup sugar; I used 12 oz fresh cranberries with 2/3 cup sugar plus maple syrup), and used 2% Greek yogurt because it’s so rich and creamy. I also cooked the cranberries with the sugar until it formed a thick syrup, then strained it to remove any pieces, and chilled the mixture before churning in my ice cream maker.

The result was a rich, creamy and slightly tart frozen yogurt that works perfectly as a palate cleanser, mid-afternoon treat or even as dessert for those who don’t prefer sweets.

Here’s the recipe:

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