Mint Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream: Full-Fat Version

Soy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the only type of ice cream I indulge in is the dairy-free kind. Until recently, my options were limited with mostly disgusting options. Basically, it was the Tofutti Cutie Mint Chocolate Chip or nothing. But then I discovered the great dessert store Just Indulge and realized soy is making a comeback, or a firstback as the case may be. They have a lot of varieties of soy ice cream (mint chip, espresso, strawberry, etc.), all of which are delicious. But it’s not the easiest to get, mainly because parking in that neighborhood can be frustrating (sorry Marci, it’s true) and the ice cream is pricey.

So, as anyone with a fairly new ice cream maker would do, I made my own. I started with a basic vanilla recipe I found all over the Internet (I’m not sure where it originated, but Google “soy ice cream recipe” and you’ll get it) and made a few minor adjustments, as I’m prone to do. Rather than sticking with traditional vanilla which I’ve always found exceedingly boring, I went with my favorite – you guessed it: mint chocolate chip.

This was great – an ice cream that even my dairy-loving, soy-condemning family would love. And one that I could actually enjoy with them. Read more of this >>


Obama Chili Tomorrow?

Historic day in America (although I’ve been saying all day that ALL elections are historic). I love election day and getting to vote, always have. With this “day” ending much earlier than anticipated, my thoughts are moving on to something else I love: food. I’ll have to think of something yummy to make to celebrate – maybe Obama’s family chili or the “Obama Poma” martini?

What do you make for political celebrations?


Breaking in my Rice Cooker

Brown rice with chicken and vegetables

As a professional foodie, I’m sure you can imagine the amounts of cooking gear I have. In case you can’t, let me just tell you it’s a LOT. And trying to fit it all in my small apartment and teeny tiny kitchen isn’t an easy task, so I have to be choosy about what new gadgets and even ingredients I buy. With that being said, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy a rice cooker.

Steam coming from rice cooker

I know, I know, it’s SO easy to make rice on the stove top. I’ve done it hundreds, if not thousands, of times. But buzz on this gadget has been fierce, so when I saw a model on clearance at Target I just had to get it. The “positive” side is that I went the cheap route, forgoing the “fuzzy logic” technology that is said to produce the most delicious rice at a high price tag (those models start around $200). The negative: the Aroma brand rice cooker I bought is fairly large and I have no idea where I’m going to store it.

Cubed chickenVegetables

Despite my internal conflict surrounding the purchase, I decided to try it out this afternoon during the Bears game (they won, by the way) with an Asian-inspired recipe for brown rice with chicken, mushrooms and peas. The instructions pretty much went as follows: chop up ingredients, dump everything in the rice cooker, close top, plug in, press one button and walk away for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Yup – if you paused on the cooking time, you’re right. That was my only complaint, the long cooking time for brown rice (according to the manual, the cooking time for white rice is much less).

Ingredients in rice cookerFluffing rice

Read more of this >>


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